Lives Changed

This page includes news and stories of lives changed through skate programs, including those operated by schools and by TYCS.

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True Stories from The Sunshine Coast

These are true stories of young people who have been significantly assisted through the bridge built into their lives through skate related educational outreach, school skate programs and mentoring. Names have been changed to protect identity.

Greg was previously enrolled at another school where his parents stated it was an argument to get him to go to school each day. After transferring to a school with a skate program and being part of the program Greg now tries to hurry his parents up each day to get him to school. He is a happy child who is totally engaged in learning and his parents are over joyed. This change sets him on a pathway in life towards independence, a sharp contrast to the road ahead prior to the skate program.

Sam was a “C” / “D” academic student with lower effort ratings on his report card. Six months after being in the program Sam came to show us his report card with tears of joy in his eyes. The joy was because he had “B’s” and “C’s” on his report card and he could not wait to show his mum. When we asked what made the difference he stated that he listened to the teacher in class time so he could skate and when she gave him the test it wasn’t that hard.

Tim, prior to the program, used to clash with teachers and other students. With the incentive to skate, Tim focused on not getting into trouble. Tim now has a strong friendship base with other students and a good report with his teacher. He now no longer needs the incentive to skate to manage his behaviour but still skates each session. The change in his life sets him on a pathway where he is less likely to need social services or government benefits.

Larna did not have self-confidence with her sport and perceived herself to be not as athletic as her peers. Through the program and skill development, she has developed a high level of self-confidence which has carried over into her life both sporting and academically.

School Program Benefits

Teachers we have worked with to date recognise the benefit of skate-programs in school. Parents recognise that supervised skate-programs with qualified staff have significant impact and young adults are able to find context and trust in an environment that works for them … In respect of school programs recognised and transformational benefits linked to our benevolent purpose include:

  • Reduced truancy and improved engagement and academic results.
  • Reduction in anti-social behaviour which can lead to post-school issues.
  • Skating incorporated positively into school life.
  • Provides for potential after school programs and community connections.
  • Safe and controlled environment accessible to children of all ages.
  • Skating brought into a positive context, with positive role models.
  • Children set on a pathway in life away from exclusion and dependency.

Other factors considered by schools in adopting a skate program, either with TYCS leaders or independently include:

  • Additional attractive facility to assist in recruitment and enrollment to the school.
  • Opportunity to demonstrate innovation through a “social enterprise” model.
  • Provision of skate venues add to school infrastructure.
  • TYCS compliance with Dept. of Education standards.
  • TYCS provision of skate training and accreditation of teachers.
  • TYCS assisting with registration with Skate Australia.


Across the world skateboarding is an increasingly positive influence on youth-culture with strong connections to charity, community services and benevolent purposes. Our overseas sister organisation Skate Aid.

Skate-Aid Official Website

New Story: Buddina Primary School’s Skate Program

This story was referenced globally, reflecting on the work here at a local school in the Sunshine Coast.


Queensland Department of Education, Training and Employment

Our work in Queensland is set in context of and in compliance with Education Queensland policy on skateboarding as a curriculum activity.

Skateboarding as a Curriculum Activity