How We Work

Our objectives are executed through program logic that has been developed from expertise in community services and aligned with educational research, including the work of Rudolf Dreikurs and William Glasser.

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The focus on the importance of education, educational inclusion and engagement was further confirmed by the review carried out recently for the Commonwealth Government by Andrew Forrest. Whilst executed with Skateboarding as the central bridge building tool our team focuses on a working approach founded on 6 “C”s …

We seek to provide this generation with ….

    • Connection: Through skateboarding
    • Community:  That empowers
    • Care: For the next generation
    • Context: For mentoring
    • Creativity: To inspire and enable
    • Commitment: To measureable outcomes

The outcomes we work too are measurable in terms of improved educational engagement and reduced truancy. These outcomes in turn lead to greater inclusion, improved employment prospects and reduced dependancy … a hand-up and not a hand-out … by enabling young people to drop in and not out of life in our communities…. The fruit of this work is reflected in the results on our Lives Changed page.

Program Logic


Our Operational Strategies

“Building bridges for youth through skateboarding.”

      • School Partnerships
      • Remote community outreach programs
      • Early intervention program logic
      • Skate Program Implementation
      • Mentoring & Counseling
      • Education and Training
      • Staffing
      • Equipment
      • Skate Park Development


Focus on measurable outcomes is critical, to ensure good stewardship of resources and accountability to all stakeholders whether the young people themselves, our volunteers, donors, sponsors, school leaders or government agencies.

    • Confidence
    • Empowerment
    • Inclusion
    • Educational Engagement
    • Reduced Crime
    • Vocational Training
    • Reduced dependency
    • Valued Citizens