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Our vision is for the youth and young adults of our nation and of the nations, and is enabled by melding the sport of skateboarding with community services expertise and social enterprise to achieve measurable outcomes. In summary our vision is for a brighter future characterised by:

Inclusion – Empowerment – Hope

This vision, enshrined in our constitution, establishes TYCS as a charitable “for purpose” organisation, with a primary focus of enabling young people to find better pathways in life. Pathways that will lead them away from dependency, see them avoid homelessness, unemployment and crime. Building context and connection to education and inclusion through the relational bridge of skateboarding, but deploying capabilities in mentoring, training, education and youth-work that help overcome disadvantage, reduce dependency and build for a brighter future.


Our mission, executed through school skate programs, through mentoring, through outreach at community skate facilities and through youth work is to …

“build an active and empowered generation by enabling young people to “drop in and not out.”

To “drop in” successfully is a skill acquired as skaters learn to skate their local skate park, to “drop out” is something we want to see all young people avoid….

Skateboarding today is a major sport, with skate culture, fashion, social media and skaters themselves having significant impact on youth culture. Enrolments in existing school skate programs have achieved significant and measurable results in reduced truancy and improved academic results. Skateboard and education can go together .. the testimonies in terms of impact and results in this site reflect on the progress against our mission so far achieved.


Our values are core to who we are and how we work. They align to our benevolent purpose and focus on transforming the lives of young people. They also align to the Christian faith of our Board and leadership, and seek to serve the young people of our nation … and generations to come:

  • Compassion
  • Integrity
  • Community
  • Faith
  • Fun

The proof of all this is in lives changed, see our page dedicated to reflecting on the benefit of our work “lives changed”